Life is Luxurious

In KeyWest, the aspirational goal of opulent seaside life is combined with astounding design talent and unmatched standards of living.

The KeyWest

The intersection of three different landscapes — the mountain, the sky, and the sea—is blended by four KeyWest towers.

This innovative development fuses local culture, innovation, and the environment. It is characterized by a tight balance between the urge to escape and the ability to indulge. The highest luxury is offered by the KeyWest. It is an extraordinary special above it all as well as an immersive, global setting. The elegant and ancient attraction of the Mediterranean serves as the foundation for the lifestyle that KeyWest provides.

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Life is Luxuirous

In KeyWest, the aspirational goal of opulent seaside life is combined with astounding design talent and unmatched standards of living.

Apartments with exquisite tastes

High quality and design standards

Designed layout according to the panoramic vista

Underground private parking

Live Cyprus with KeyWest

Life is Entertaining

The all social zones in KeyWest provide only places for private leisure and relaxation and a vibrant, buzzing public area that anybody may use and enjoy.

In KeyWest

From the first glimmer of day to dusk and beyond, restaurants, bars, and stores come together to form a bustling hub that can be enjoyed by everyone. Everyone has a place to retreat thanks to the magnificent private pool, tennis court, kids’ play area, and peaceful gardens. Step outside your apartment and catch up with family and friends over your favorite meals and a morning coffee, a small lunch, or an early-evening glass of wine.

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Life is like Resort

KeyWest provides a specially designed zone for recreation and relaxation by the shore. The deck is there with its cabanas to its beach bar, specifically made for your joy and entertainment.

Do you have a yacht? You do not need to worry about parking, KeyWest has its own outstanding port.

Distances from the KeyWest


Ercan Airport: 65 Km

Larnaca Airport: 95 Km

Capital Nicosia: 47 Km

Port Town Kyrenia: 55 Km

Town Center: 10 Km


About North Cyprus

Whether exploring the Historic Kyrenia Castle or shopping for succulent citrus fruits at a local market, or sipping a robust Turkish coffee with the natives at a mountain village cafe under the shade of the olive and cypress trees you will feel the sincerity of the Cypriots shine through wherever you go. Today Northern Cyprus is a singular marriage of the ancient history with a modern infrastructure providing a contemporary lifestyle. One will feel the friendliness almost instantly when you arrive, as stress evaporates and relaxation becomes an art form.


Gaziveren is a village in the Lefke district of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It officially continues to exist in the Güzelyurt region. Lefke is a town in Cyprus, overlooking Morphou Bay.

How to get to North Cyprus

There are daily connected flights  to Ercan Airport via Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Atlas Jet. Also chartered flights, and private options are available almost from everywhere in The world. Alternatively there are direct flights to Larnaca Airport from the major cities of Europe and Middle East.

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